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Sunday, 22 October 2017



WikiLeaks founder Assange ATTACKS decision to 'take over' Catalonian government 'by force'
WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange has condemned the unprecedented decision by the Spanish government to invoke Article 155 and force new ...

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Financial Blacklisting of WikiLeaks Backfires Stupendously
On October 14, 2010, the British internet payment company, Moneybookers, suspended the account ofWikiLeaks. Less than two months later, PayPal ...

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Julian Assange hits back after CIA director likens WikiLeaks to Isis and Hezbollah
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has clashed with CIA director Mike Pompeo after the high-ranking US official said he was “working to take down” ...

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Clinton, Assange And The War On Truth
Australia's public broadcasting network gave Hillary Clinton an open mike to defame WikiLeaks' Julian Assange as “a tool of Russian intelligence” ...

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Daphne Caruana Galizia: Malta offers €1m reward over journalist's killing
Politico listed her as one of 2017's 28 most influential Europeans, describing her a "one woman Wikileaks, crusading against untransparency and ...

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How Trump Became President and Nothing Changed at the DNC
The FBI director's questions about her email server and the Wikileaks DNC dirty tricks revelations embarrassed Clinton. Putin and Wikileaks denied ...

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Time Magazine Top 15 Influential Websites of All Time
(12) Wikileaks – Founded by Julian Assange, a controversial figure in his own right, and still holed up in the Embassy of Ecuador in London, his ...

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Pakistanis stealing your bank account details: Here is how India will hit back
An IIT Kanpur study shared with Parliament's Committee on Finance this year said attacks from the 'Equation group' which a WikiLeaks reports said ...

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Outstanding names of hacking programs CIA
The CIA gives a very original code name of the hacking software and viruses. This drew attention from several sources, analyzing the documents ...

Saturday, 21 October 2017

BRITAIN FIRST: LEADERS SIGN ON FOR FIRST TIME AWAITING “TRIAL” NEXT YEAR – while the gangrapists walk around unaffected 21 OCT. 2017 + ARCHIVE

Britain First
 0203 409 6216
Today, Deputy Leader Jayda Fransen and I were forced to “sign on” at a London police station for the first time.

Britain First

 I’m sure you can appreciate the ominous nature of political party leaders being forced to "sign on" in a police station to stop them engaging in political activities.
Britain is now a fully-fledged “Police State”, more subtle perhaps, but still as oppressive as Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.

The politically motivated show trial for me and Jayda has been set for the 29th of January and will last three days

Britain First

This means, by February 1st, Jayda and I could be rotting in prison for a long time!
So we need to mount our legal fightback fast before we run out of time.

With your help, we can fight the authorities and win.

Without your help, we are doomed.

Please choose right now if you can help us.

Please send your most generous financial gift as fast as you can - we need to keep the wheels turning on our legal fightback:

Yours sincerely,
Britain First
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First

HOTLINE 0203 409 6216

Britain First, PO Box 119, Swanley, BR8 9DY


Britain First
 0203 409 6216
I must admit, Britain First is in deep trouble.

For four weeks, Deputy Leader Jayda Fransen and I were literally “on the run” across Europe, unable to return to the UK because we would have been arrested at British border control and sent to prison.

After managing (against the odds and in disguise) to get back into the UK via a route with no passport control, we were picked up at a Scottish port and driven down to England where we “laid low” for 24 hours.

Deputy Leader Jayda Fransen was a guest speaker at the Justice for Chelsey protest in Sunderland the following day.

Britain First
With a team of security officers surrounding her, Jayda managed to smuggle herself into the crowd who marched her to a rally point and handed her a microphone so that she could speak about the injustice Chelsey Wright has suffered.

Over a hundred police officers rushed and surrounded the protesters, who linked arms to stop the police getting to Jayda!

But the bully boy coppers stormed the crowd of men, women and children, determined to apprehend Jayda

Britain First
After seeing the police knocking over old ladies and manhandling fully grown men, and after they threatened to use CS gas on the crowd, Jayda decided to give herself up to avoid anyone getting hurt!

It was a disgraceful sight, watching an army of police bullies literally attacking a crowd of peaceful protesters!

The police thugs even choked a dog that Jayda had been pictured with during the protest.

Britain First
Jayda was led off and locked up for two nights in a stinking, rotten police cell, with nothing but four walls to keep her company!

Whilst Jayda was in custody, Sunderland police station received numerous calls from Kent Police demanding that Jayda be transported down to Kent where she would have to spend 100 days in prison on remand waiting for her trial!

But Northumbrian police ignored their demands and refused to transport Jayda to any court outside of their jurisdiction.

Come Monday morning, Jayda found herself cuffed in the back of a meatwagon and led into the dock at South Tyneside Magistrates court, with Kent Police still pressuring the court to remand her in prison.

By a stroke of divine luck, the Magistrates told Kent Police to take a running jump and they released Jayda from custody!

Britain First
Jayda then received a hero’s welcome in Sunderland and Kent Police skulked off to lick their wounds.

The following day, both Jayda and I were in the dock again, this time accused of harassing” a gang of convicted migrant child rapists in Kent.

Kent Police, now angry that their plan to lock up Jayda had failed, tried to throw both of us in prison on remand, but to his credit the judge told them to sod off!
The judge fixed a date for our three-day trial and released us from custody to meet the national press who were waiting outside.

Britain First
Make no mistake: The establishment and their police stormtroopers are determined to destroy our movement!

Only your support can scupper their evil plans and stop Jayda and I going to prison after our trial for “harassing Muslim gang rapists”.

Britain First is being financially drained by the constant and relentless court, solicitor and legal costs incurred throughout this incessant harassment!

Britain First
This is part of their plan: Lock us up and drain all of our resources so that the Britain First movement ceases to exist!

But, they underestimate our British bulldog spirit and unwillingness to buckle in the face of their diabolical schemes.

We are British Lions, and we will not surrender or cave in, ever!
Can Jayda and I depend on your unwavering support as we battle the forces of evil that are destroying our nation?

Will you give us your most unshakeable backing during this dark and troublesome period?
We depend on you, there is no one else we can turn to!

Please send your most generous financial gift as fast as you can – we need to keep the wheels turning on our legal fightback:

Yours sincerely,
Britain First
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First

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UN panel urges China to release and compensate 3 activists
But Britain and Sweden, which both have ratified it, ignored a panel opinion last year that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange should be allowed to ...
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Flashback: Trump Roasted Hillary At Al Smith Dinner Last Year [VIDEO]
Or, you did and she just found out about it through the wonder of Wikileaks.” 10. “Hillary thinks it's vital to deceive the people by having one public ...
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Trump suggests FBI may have 'paid for' dossier
WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump suggested Thursday that the FBI may have had a hand in creating an intelligence dossier that alleged ties ...
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LETTERS: On Obamacare and presidential pardons
... commuted the 35-year prison sentence of former soldier Chelsea Manning who was convicted of leaking national security information to WikiLeaks.
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FACT CHECK: Did Clintons Allow 20% of American Uranium to Go to Russia?
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